Leading LCV dealership announces Data Protection Officer ahead of GDPR deadline

Award winning commercial vehicle dealer David Spear is pleased to announce Sarah Spear as its Data Protection Officer (DPO) in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR will come into force in the UK on 25th May 2018, and as an industry that relies on and values customer data, the new legislation is particularly relevant.

“GDPR sets new rules for how companies will govern the storage and processing of sensitive data belonging to both customers and staff members. In light of this, the automotive industry is forced to rethink and evaluate how customer’s driving records, payment details, personal information and other details are stored and used,” said Sarah Spear.

As company secretary, Sarah brings over two decades of automotive knowledge and strategic leadership to her new role.

Sarah will provide alignment and coverage across David Spear Commercials on all GDPR activity. Her solid understanding of the principle and practice of data processing comes from attending frequent seminars and extensive research. This has developed expert knowledge on all aspects of GDPR, including the enforcement of correct procedures, tools and monitoring methods. As the new DPO, Sarah will be responsible for delivering GDPR guidance, management and recommendations for operational solutions.

“There is a lot of publicity surrounding GDPR, therefore it is important to take away any uncertainty from our customers and members of staff whilst reassuring both parties that their personal data is fully protected. My appointment will assist the company’s effort to become GDPR prepared as we approach May 25th. New processes will be adopted to continue fine tuning policies until David Spear Commercials meets the needs to be GDPR compliant,” concluded Sarah.